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steve steve at lonetwin.net
Wed Feb 18 17:01:28 IST 2009

Just wanted to chime in ...

Anurag wrote:
> 2009/2/18 Kenneth Gonsalves <lawgon at au-kbc.org>:
>> frankly I do not understand this. Neither of them are newbies. Both of
>> them are valuable members of this list. What are you going to achieve by
>> moderating them for a week? Are you going to counsel and reform
>> them? Or do you feel 'punishment' will make them 'repent' (if they have
>> committed some crime)? This whole 'crime and punishment' outlook
>> does not sit well in a community like this. Agreed, obvious spammers
>> should be banned (not moderated). Newbies doing things because they
>> dont know the rules should be politely corrected by peer pressure.
>> Apart from that, nothing constructive will be achieved by moderation
>> which is an archaic concept from the dark ages and more suited to
>> places like china where the whole country is under moderation.

+1 to everything Kenneth said in his mail. I agree moderation is not really a 
good long term policy even if in the short term it might seem effective. The 
punishment method only encourages the trolls to wait for the next chance they get.

> Not allowing their posts in seemed like the best way to stop them from
> posting even after repeated request, and give some time to cool down.
Actually, the best way to stop a troll is not to even dignify it with a response.

For example, I am choosing to do that Dinesh's latest 'i didn't do anything 
wrong' troll post too. He is a troll and not worth my bytes.

In any case, the thread /was/ amusing and entertaining besides being insightful 
too, as kenneth pointed out. I was waiting for Godwin's law to be invoked ...but 
i wonder if that happens in Indian mailing lists. Maybe, there is something else 
that is more relevant to Indian sensibilities which parallels godwin's law.

Anyone know of any such thing ?

- steve

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