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Nishit Dave stargazer.dave at gmail.com
Sat Feb 21 18:43:56 IST 2009

Enough, already! There's more to life than these petty issues, so
please stop beating them to beyond death.

If you need to focus your energies on something, please try a more
constructive approach, like discussing how to convince a corporate IT
dept. To allow you to use Linux on your laptop (ours even considers
GPLed programs unauthorized / illegal). But if you do, please do so in
a new thread.

This one has been 'used' by many approaches that can safely be
suffixed with 'nazi'.

There, I said it.  It should die now.

On 2/21/09, Praveen A <pravi.a at gmail.com> wrote:
> 2009/2/20 Kamal <kamaleshwar.morjal at gmail.com>:
>> err.. what is the purpose of this mail? how is it associated
>> with GNU/Linux?
> Why do you respond to such mails then? When you respond to such mails
> _you_ are also becoming a participant. You can't exclude yourself from
> such blame.
>> Why do you need proxies when you can
>> always re-subscribe and send mail (that is, *if one thinks*
>> one has been moderated and their words are essential
>> to the existence of this list's members or the whole world
> Then what is the point of moderation?
>> for that matter)? Not to mention even sending mail from
>> the same id and waiting for the moderator's decision is
>> a pretty sane way to go, that someone has already exhibited
>> here!
> It is for every individual to decide. If one feel he/she is unjustly
> put under moderation, then why should he/she follow the unjust rules?
> On top of that, if other members and admins also think it is unjust
> and agree to be a proxy, it is fair game. In fact, it is a standard
> pratice in many lists including debian, to forward mails of moderated
> members (recent case of Sven Luther an example - he was banned from
> all debian lists, but other members were allowed to forward his
> mails).
>> IMHO, for pet peeves, there does not exist any public list,
>> at least no LUG mailing list; rather one should look forward
>> to close friends or psychiatrists for such matters!
> Sorry, I did not understand this.
>> If the goal here is the said world record, go ahead, my best
>> wishes to the list.
> _You_ are also helping make that record. Now atleast two mails (yours
> and mine, may be other replies too) you contributed. You can't have
> the cake and eat it too. Either you remain silent or be a part of the
> world record.
> -Praveen
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