[ILUG-BOM] High Resolution video conferencing.

Rony gnulinuxist at gmail.com
Sun Feb 22 00:52:15 IST 2009


There is an advt. of CISCO where a group of people from China and Some 
European country come face to face virtually on huge screens. Is this 
really possible or just trick photography? If possible, it would not 
only help in overseas conferencing but also in huge office complexes 
where one has to travel a long distance or even a few floors to get to 
the boss's cabin or some place else. The normal video conferencing has a 
very small screen where one cannot even move one's head or it would get 
out of the visible area. With high resolution videos, a huge life size 
image is possible and groups of people can talk to each other. It has a 
fantastic effect and looks really good.

Keeping aside the cost and availability of net bandwidth, is this 
possible with Linux. If it is not very expensive, could we actually 
setup a prototype in HBCSE during our forthcoming GLUG meets over the 
months? A LAN cable should provide good bandwidth for intraoffice video 
conferencing. We can link up two classrooms or the lab and classroom. We 
already have a projector and a 17/19" LCD screen. I am sure this has 
good commercial potential too for big corporate offices.



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