[ILUG-BOM] High Resolution video conferencing.

jtd jtd at mtnl.net.in
Tue Feb 24 12:55:27 IST 2009

On Tuesday 24 February 2009 12:39, Rajeev R. K. wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 24, 2009 at 10:31 AM, jtd <jtd at mtnl.net.in> wrote:
> > On Tuesday 24 February 2009 02:24, Rajeev R. K. wrote:
> >> On Sun, Feb 22, 2009 at 8:24 AM, aditya <awasudeo at gmail.com> 
> >> >> Keeping aside the cost and availability of net bandwidth, is
> >> >> this possible with Linux.
> >> >
> >> > I could be mistaken but I don't think any open source video
> >> > conferencing software can handle High Def. video streams yet.
> >> > In addition, you'd need camera units on both sides which can
> >> > support HD - that, unfortunately, rules out your average
> >> > webcam or capture device.
> >>
> >> Now, all that is needed to turn this into a conference, is a
> >> camera and linux box at the other end, and voila, we have a 2
> >> way video conference.
> >
> > That is one to one. Not a conference in the true sense. One needs
> > a gatekeeper and additional capabilities at the client to view
> > multiple streams in one composite window. Afaik vlc and mplayer
> > do not have this capability.
> Again, Tiling multiple streams is simple to add on, just take
> multiple stream url's. i could put together a simple shell script
> to tile the video windows in such a fashion, even doing a P-i-P for
> the local video :) And the icecast server can be used as a
> gatekeeper, if you tack on a little bit of code/metadata on top
> (Like have the ability to register a conferenceid along with a
> source stream, and allow only authorized clients to join a
> conference etc, changing mostly auth, and none of the core
> functionality.) 

You will need multicast. vls had multicast (proly vlc too), not sure 
about mplayer.
Ofcourse one could use Ekiga. But then the fun of all the scripting is 
gone ;-)

> But if all you need is a 
> Point-To-Point Conference, a simple Zenity based GUI and you're up
> and running.. Also, here you're looking for HD quality, you are
> looking to cover a room, not individuals, so it is probably
> point-to-point(i.e. Room-to-Room usage, not many face-to-face
> usage, so unless you want to see the latest morning-after stubble,
> an old fashioned webcam is good enough for that).

Webcams (CMOS) add plenty of noise and hence increases bw, which is 
not noticed because pics are cif /qcif and frame rate limited to 
15fps. the pics are baad compared to a good ccd cam.

> The essence is ready, i.e. the ability for multiple parties to
> receive each others audio/video.

We should try it at the next lug meet.


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