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Thu May 7 17:45:15 IST 2009

Hi Raju,

Hi Raju,

How do i run PPPoE for 2 ISP's (Airtel & BSNL) on a single ethernet card.

Following is my requirement:

1. I want to add an additional Airtel DSL line to the existing BSNL DSL
line.(the result should be both the DSL line should terminate on to our
Linux(FC4) gateway machine

2. Either of the line should be a backup line and if one ISP goes down,
the internet should be up through the available line.

Please suggest me as how to achieve it.

George John.

> Not clear: do you want to replace the existing BSNL connection or do you
> want to have both connections (BSNL and Airtel)?
> In any case, you can run PPPoE for both (or either) on a single ethernet
> card.  That's what I'm doing with my MTNL and Airtel connections.
> Regards,
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