[ILUG-BOM] Printer problem

Rony gnulinuxist at gmail.com
Thu May 7 19:58:47 IST 2009

Mukund Deshmukh wrote:
> Hi,
> Back again.
> Puppy linux is roaring on celeron box, but having problem in printer and
> window share mounting.
> 1. I can access printer LBP1210 on XP machine. If I send a print file by
> smbclient it prints correctly . The print file is created on XP machine, but
> when I print through CUPS, it does not print but CUPS says job is completed.
> Cups is configured for LBP1270.
> Any idea...

A windows shared printer can be accessed in Linux only via samba. CUPS 
setup (localhost:631 in browser) has an option for samba printer. You 
will have to check if your printer is directly compatible with the Linux 
drivers or you need to feed it a seperate ppd file. Some printers 
require a firmware.

In the link 
provided earlier by Arun I went through it again and found that they use 
a different method by which you need no drivers for Linux. The .ps file 
is simply pushed RAW to the windows machine which then passes it on to 
its printer thus eliminating installation of Linux drivers.

> 2. I can mount a window share by smbclient, but mount -t smbfs <other
> parameters> fails.
> Any idea...
When you used smbclient to access your windows share, were you asked for 
a username / password? If yes then those entries are required in your 
mount command.



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