[ILUG-BOM] Browsing Security

Rony gnulinuxist at gmail.com
Sun May 10 21:40:03 IST 2009


My family members were checking some information on google using the 
laptop loaded with Lenny. After some time, they got a message saying 
that there was a lot of trojan and 'blah blah' infection in their system 
and they should immediately protect it by clicking on the link provided. 
They called me up to ask what to do and I asked them to simply cancel it 
and close the window. However the window was persistent and would refuse 
to close. It even came to a stage where it wanted to download some exe 
file to protect the computer. Finally after a lot of clicking, the 
windows finally closed. I asked them to restart the system and clear all 
browsing history. After that no window has popped up in the next use.

Now this is common in Windows where such popups from infected websites 
will download a spyware that is actually a virus disguised as an 
anti-virus. Getting such viruses out of the Windows systems is a real 
pain. They disable all admin commands too. However my worry is the 
persistent window that refused to go in Linux. This is mostly due to 
javascript enabled in the browser (Iceweasel). Luckily it was an exe 
file that was trying to get in and it would be useless for the Linux 
environment. What happens if it is a linux compatible script? Will the 
javascript enabling allow the script to execute? It is a little worrying.



GNU/Linux !
No Viruses
No Spyware
Only Freedom.

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