[ILUG-BOM] extremely weird bug in Fedora

steve steve at lonetwin.net
Wed Jun 24 20:30:53 IST 2009

Kenneth Gonsalves wrote:
> hi,
> I just upgraded my FC10 to FC11. Booted from dvd and chose 'upgrade'. After 
> upgrade, I did yum update. And my open office 2.x got replaced by 3.x, all my 
> address books, book marks, passwords etc were all in the correct places. 
> Everything worked out of the box. Obviously this is a bug. How do I report it 
> and get it rectified. (The chicken I had bought to sacrifice in order to get the 
> OO upgrade done remains alive)
That's not a bug, you quite obviously were using a hacked version of F11(*), or 
the chicken.


(*) btw, Fedora dropped the Core way back in F7 methinks.

why procrastinate when you can perendinate ?

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