[ILUG-BOM] extremely weird bug in Fedora

Rony gnulinuxist at gmail.com
Fri Jun 26 00:59:55 IST 2009

Kenneth Gonsalves wrote:
> On Wednesday 24 June 2009 20:53:15 Rony wrote:
>>> hi,
>>> I just upgraded my FC10 to FC11. Booted from dvd and chose 'upgrade'.
>>> After upgrade, I did yum update. And my open office 2.x got replaced by
>>> 3.x, all my address books, book marks, passwords etc were all in the
>>> correct places. Everything worked out of the box. Obviously this is a
>>> bug. How do I report it and get it rectified. (The chicken I had bought
>>> to sacrifice in order to get the OO upgrade done remains alive)
>> Very nice :-) Why did OO get upgraded after yum update? Why not with the
>> system upgrade? Does F11 come with a lower default OO version?
> apparently fedora doesn't update the apps on a system upgrade. You have to run 
> a yum update to update the apps. (I may be wrong here - maybe there is 
> something like the debian apt-get dist-upgrade which does both, but I was on a 
> slow internet link and chose to use a DVD to do the upgrade.)
As long as all your installed packages have upgraded versions in the new 
distro, upgrading is fine. In KDE based distros, 'adept' was my favorite 
package manager. However for some reason its not there in Lenny, so if I 
upgrade from Etch to Lenny, my package manager itself will get screwed 
up and I will need that chicken.

>> BTW, what happened to Mandriva?
> mandriva is rocking and rolling - my family uses it and most of my clients use 
> it. Unfortunately the C++ libraries are b0rked, so I can't use it on my 
> laptop. (The chicken is available if you want it to upgrade any of your ubuntu 
> systems)
LOL! Those systems are already upgraded with clean installs. However the 
same old home partition was used without a format so all personalised 
settings had reappeared after the install.

The chicken reminds me of a 'shayari' from a movie that goes like this....

"As long as the chicken lays golden eggs, let it live another Sunday" - 
Kasim Khan 'Qayamat'.



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