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Easwar Hariharan meindian523 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 28 11:39:28 IST 2009

> Give up, the guy has used ASP.net to write the crap, which means
> there's layers and layers of crap before you can understand what's
> happening. Add to that scripts like the ContentBox.js, where
> everything is on line 14 :P
> Two of the developers working on this: Anoop Nair and kapil Bajaj. The
> website was created by OASIS. If there is no Hall of Shame for
> software vendors who cannot get their act together, there should be
> one now. Maybe a page on wikipedia or something popular enough so that
> it hurts them.

I don't think a page on Wikipedia would last long.It would be a
candidate for speedy deletion,coz it won't have the citations.So,you
first gotta get the list onto some reputed,trustworthy source like a
newspaper or something,or an opinion making website.
> On the brighter side, looks like the site is under maintenance, so
> hopefully they are doing something to correct it.
And no,if the papers got it correct,they had to go under when they
thought a single server(probably running MS IIS) could handle all the
load.It's gone down to add a few servers.
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