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Krishnakant krmane at gmail.com
Sun Jun 28 17:36:29 IST 2009

On Sun, 2009-06-28 at 13:25 +0530, Rony wrote:
> Krishnakant wrote:
> > Any ways I strongly believe that not giving users choice for a small
> > thing like browser is a crime and i don't care how many agree.
> >   
> Choosing a browser is not a human right. We quietly use mobile phones 
> with whatever software thats bundled along, simply because we need to 
> make / receive those important calls.
Choosing any technology is a human right.  Right now mobile phones have
alternatives to choose from and those who know to do it may do it as
Those who don't know, are unaware of the fact that choices do exist.
When we have a browser which is more efficient, much more professional
and stable, why should the public organisations force people to use one
and only one browser.
We always find it easy to justify such things because they are done by
big people and we have learned the artistic habbit of excepting "we are
helpless and should except this as is".  But I refuse to take that stand
on ethical grounds of freedom.

I will not like if some mobile vendor tells me that I can only have one
service and not other.
choosing a service provider is my choise and which browser I want use on
a machine is also my choice.
I hope this sounds sensible for those who justify the other side.

First we will except and justify "what ever is happening is ok and not a
big thing ".  then when free software supporters want to bring some
technology to the common people we will say on the previous
justification "however that is not what people will be allowed to use."
means first we let government or who ever to decide what we should use
and how we should use and since we except that it is not a major issue,
we support it.  then when some one tryes to bring some thing good, we
the "so called supporters of free software " will tell them, "this is
not what we can use because ther other technology is quite deeprooted ".
but if we raise our voices at the very beginning, may be the situation
can be better.
Any ways, for some business people or "typicle " vendors what I say does
not make sence.  for them all that mints money is fine and they will
give me quotes like "this is what common people believe " or "we should
not make an issue of choice ".  but I don't choose to explain those who
don't want to understand.

> The whole issue is about providing a professional alternative to Windows 
> based programming. As yet it hasn't arrived fully in India. It is 
> happening slowly but Linux programmers are not easy to get.
The issue is about the freedom of people to use or not use certain thing
and whether what technology they use is not spying on them or are there
any other threats of they loosing personal freedom and privacy.
So the issue is beyond windows vs "linux".  because using acrobat reader
on gnu/linux is again not justifyable if it is a matter of freedom.

IMHO the war is not microsoft vs linux, it is against the organisations
or individuals which provide technological facilities and take away our
freedom and privacy in exchange.

When for example virus problem had been solved 40 years back by
scientists and if gnu/linux could follow the same idea.  wy did M$ not
implement the same?  Every one knows the answer.
and why is m$ through direct and indirect methods restricting or
manipulating such restrictions of denying the use of a most popular
browser through some technique and reach in the government? 
... again every one knows the answer but "we must except the all mighty
m$ and should never even say that government is bad."  afterall many of
us do business and if some thing is popular like windows OS, then so be
it.  let's continue to extend the support because my "customer " asks
for it.  I am not saying that we should not give what the custommer
asks, but at least give him a choice, a knowledge of the fact that other
and better alternatives exists.  At least we have the right to ask
questions of the government, but again "it is not a big issue isn't
yes, the issue is also about professional quality software, but
developing such softwares requires either good support or very good
finance.  Even if either of them is available then linux programmers are
not just easy to get but are very cost effective as well.
look at the pylons or turbogears projects.  Even firefox has tuns of
modules and extentions all done by community work, and mind you they are
So issue of getting programmres etc can be solved, but is the "so called
" group of free software or "open source " interested to support is
important.  Of course such support is available and right now there is
no dirth of the same.  But some independent vendors or many others have
diffrent issues and other interests (wested or not ).

Businesses have their point of view but I don't talk about business at
least in this context.
> Nobody is objecting to your opinion on issues, it is your language and 
> choice of words that need some fine tuning. If possible, a spell check 
> utility sprinkled over it as extra topping.
I don't abuse and I don't say any thing without a justification.  Again
I sand ready to be banned on this list.
Any ways, i am slowly starting to refrain from righting to this list
because the people who care about such issues already know more than me
and I can reach them privately.
So relax all, may be in some days my mails might not even come.  I think
ilug bom is the wrong channel for me.
I was just busy drafting the open letter I had started yesterday night.
Just thought   would take a break and saw these emails.


"microsoft: we cheet, we loot, we spy on people and ...
we also make technologies 
> -- 
> Regards,
> Rony.
> GNU/Linux !
> No Viruses
> No Spyware
> Only Freedom.

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