[ILUG-BOM] Making bootable USB stick from openSUSE iso image

Deepak Kashyap kashyap_deepak at yahoo.co.in
Mon Aug 3 11:26:55 IST 2009

I have installed ubuntu 8.10 on EE Box.

The EEE box is 160GB Atom Processor Based system with 1 Gb Ram & 4 Usb out of which 2 are occupied by keyboard & mouse.

The Vista Box is hosting the ftp using filezilla . I have tried another ftp software too. but Linuxrc always comes with no repository found error

I want to do a ftp install or a usb Install. It will help my future migrations.

Please give me a solution where I can make the installer using windows box.

Kiwi thing will work only when I have a suse machine ..

With regards

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