[ILUG-BOM] this might be great for fossers valley.

Krishnakant krmane at gmail.com
Wed Aug 5 01:31:29 IST 2009

Hi Prathamesh.
I was going through the terms and conditions for funding from an
organisation called NLNet in netherlands.
And I am happyly surprised to know that they even sponser individuals
and need not have an organisation.

Who don't we put up a proposal for getting some funds for free software
development and promotion?
Visit the link below and think what we can do.

Remember, they can fund upto 30,000 euros (around 12 laks or so ) and
they fund for a year in the beginning.
Anu, the point for you to note is we *need not * depend on Comet for
re-rooting the funds and giving them commition.

Should we meet and discuss this secretly?
Either School ERP or some thing similar.
For example since Karthik's payment for the talking device is delayed,
wy don't we get a quick grant from these people and start the work at
least?  about 6 months of funding for such a project is good enough.

Else we can apply for GNUKhata funding itself.
with Comet not in between, we can ask for about 8 laks and get it up and
running for at least 6 months easily with you, me and a couple of
programmers pritty easy.
Both of you,  Think about this.
I am mailing this before taking face to face because I want this to take
place very secretly.

happy hacking.

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