[ILUG-BOM] Data recovery after formatting ext3 to ex4 partition

Dr. Sharukh K. R. Pavri. lists at pavri.net
Sat Aug 8 21:24:44 IST 2009

On Fri, 07 Aug 2009, narendra sisodiya wrote:

> is it possible to recover data from formatted ext3 partition. Actually while
> installing ubuntu 9.04 , installer misbehaved with me and formatted my /home
> partition  and thus i lost my valueble data. the new partition is ext4 type.
> I tried with testdisk but unable to recover any bit !!
> anythought ??

Simple, restore from a backup. oh wait, you DO have a backup don't you ?


repeat after me:

I will ALWAYS do a backup BEFORE I install.

That was mistake no 1.

Mistake no 2 was to keep using the partition.

What you need to do is:

remount the partition ro

dd the partition over to another disk

work on the dd'd image

google for undeletion howto, though it is pretty outdated the last time I

then google some more.


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