[ILUG-BOM] CA offers to test GNUKhata

Saswata Banerjee & Associates scrapo at saswatabanerjee.com
Mon Jan 4 13:48:24 IST 2010

On 1/4/2010 5:02 AM, Kenneth Gonsalves wrote:
> On Sunday 03 Jan 2010 10:16:59 am Saswata Banerjee&  Associates wrote:
>>>> Thanks for helping Free Software in your own way. Never mind the chatter
>>>> here
>>> +2,
>> +3, even if a large part of the chatter is created by me.....
>> My appologies to Suhit for diverting the attention from his efforts
> saswata - you have hugely misunderstood this thread. We are not interested in
> *testing* software. We are interested in *creating* software. For this  we
> need three people:
> 1. a CA
> 2. a merchant
> 3. a coder
Ok, i do not know when i said you want to test software. No one wants to 
test software.
Its like everyone wants others to listen to them but are not willing to 
listen to others talking :-)

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