[ILUG-BOM] CA offers to test GNUKhata

jtd jtd at mtnl.net.in
Tue Jan 5 20:03:36 IST 2010

On Tuesday 05 January 2010 19:23:14 Krishnakant wrote:

> I would strongly suggest coming back on topic.
> While many people see GNUKhata as a good replacement for tally, As
> JTD and many others noted, the way tally works technically and
> otherwise is totally different than GNUKhata.

At best you may want to create a data conversion utility.

> And we don't want to just support typicle home users.  We see
> medium to large organisations using it.
> Soon we will have a web based GNUKhata solution which will just
> need a browser to run it.


> So a separate deb package for server will be maintained.
> We will have it running like a web application so that clowd
> computing will also be possible with GNUKhata.

Your Demo problems are over ;-).

> And as was pointed out time and time again, I won't like to keep
> comparing how tally is handling or not handling files.  What
> matters for us is given the fact that we use a very high
> performance database server (postgresql), how we can further tune
> up the scalability and how thin the client can get.

Later on you shall take a general swipe at non RDBMS and closed 
systems as a marketing exercise while describing your strengths ;-) 

"Katha uses a high performance RDBMS, which helps us scale whenever an 
individual customer is ready, unlike other products in the market 
which requires major reinvestment." 

> On the functional aspect, any good suggestion is wlecome.

Pick one or two ERP systems. Make Katha a part of that.
You will have a killer.

> Kartik and Siddhesh for example gave us very good ideas for
> packaging and thanks to them, they are at least not letting that
> discussion happen on this list (it is a focused discussion which
> *has* to happen on the gnukhata mailing list).

I am on that list ;-) and read all mails. 


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