[ILUG-BOM] CA offers to test GNUKhata

Krishnakant hackingkk at gmail.com
Wed Jan 6 00:28:36 IST 2010

On Tue, 2010-01-05 at 21:22 +0530, Saswata Banerjee & Associates wrote:
> On 1/5/2010 7:15 PM, anusha k wrote:
> > Except one lead architect all other working on this package are 
> > females. :)
> > So kindly mention which lady :) but assumin safely it was me whom you were
> > referring
> >    
> As i said, i did not remember the name, but i also think it was you.
> >> I offered to sit and work with them and to test it if it meets my
> >> requirement.
> >> She promised to get back to me and fix the time of when to do it (i cant
> >> install it without help actually)
> >> but never happened. Didnt hear back from them.
> >> so dropped the idea
> >>      
> > I already informed you i will be out of station for a month and you said you
> > are busy with your ERP testing and told me to contact through Mehul Ved.
> > When I came back i asked him, he said you are still busy. But after sometime
> > he left your office. Meanwhile we became busy with fundamental problems and
> > adding new features. As a result of which GNUKhata is where it is today.
> >
> > As KK already mentioned, GNUKhata is now very easy to install, quite unlike
> > how it was in its early days. I hope the doubts are cleared now. Henceforth
> > i request to discuss this off-list if it is personal.
> >    
> Yes, you said you would be out of town for a month, but after that a lot 
> of months have passed.
> You had my card and my contact details (and could have got it from mehul).
> If you wanted, you could have easily got in touch with me.
> Its your product. If you arent interested in help from us, then there is 
> no reason why i should take the trouble. We are already working on 
> alternate software and platforms where your software (while welcome as 
> an additional resource), is not important per se.
who is us?
Any ways we don't force people to use a certain product.  If it is not
important for you then thanks for your time.  May be it just does not
fit your needs, you can try some thing else.

> I would not even bother with talking on this (your lack of response) but 
> for the fact that someone asked when i will start testing it......and 
> someone else also asked me the same thing offline.
If you are really interested to test it then you are most wlecome to
contact me and Anusha off list an we can fix things up.
Infact it will be the right time to test the software given its current

> This is also the reason why this topic started.....a normal user (not 
> those involved passionately due to idological interests) will not take 
> the step towards spending time and efforts unless they are clear that 
> the developer is going to be responsive.

Kindly stay away from generalising.  I think it is best recommended to
confine yourself to topic at hand.
You might not even know if end-users useed the software or not (may be
others find it important ) and (may be they are end users as well ).

And by the way if I remember correctly, Suhit asked a direct help for
getting gnukhata so he could test.
I responded to him off-list with the information.  Any ways the this
list is fast taking shape of an on-line parliment where people just know
to chatter and fight, with occasional productive help from dedicated
people like Kartik and Siddhesh who smartly took the focused and
productive talk to our developers mailing list.

Suhit, I hope you got your dep packages as I mailed them to you off-line
with 3 attachments.
If not then do let me know off-list.

Happy hacking.

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