[ILUG-BOM] CA offers to test GNUKhata

Krishnakant hackingkk at gmail.com
Wed Jan 6 00:48:26 IST 2010

On Tue, 2010-01-05 at 20:03 +0530, jtd wrote:
> On Tuesday 05 January 2010 19:23:14 Krishnakant wrote:
> >
> > I would strongly suggest coming back on topic.
> > While many people see GNUKhata as a good replacement for tally, As
> > JTD and many others noted, the way tally works technically and
> > otherwise is totally different than GNUKhata.
> At best you may want to create a data conversion utility.
Already in process.
> > And we don't want to just support typicle home users.  We see
> > medium to large organisations using it.
> > Soon we will have a web based GNUKhata solution which will just
> > need a browser to run it.
> > So a separate deb package for server will be maintained.
> > We will have it running like a web application so that clowd
> > computing will also be possible with GNUKhata.
> Your Demo problems are over ;-).
> Yes that's one reason for which I strongly urge my team to rappidly move towards the web application.

I must say that packaging GNUKhata for Desktop was not some thing any of
us were experienced, but after this long discussion similar to ones in
parliment, at least now we have some one to help in that.  Kartik might
not have chattered a lot on this thread (not that he did not respond),
but he came forward to maintain our deb packages.  He already started to
work on that.  Thanks Kartik.
Making it also work like a web app will lessen that problem a bit
because we will have to maintain just one deb package, or even have just
one script to do the entire setup process and for those who hait command
line or feel bash is a game of geeks, I am refering to a installer
script that can be clicked and run (as if typing GK-Setup is any
difficult ). 
> >
> > And as was pointed out time and time again, I won't like to keep
> > comparing how tally is handling or not handling files.  What
> > matters for us is given the fact that we use a very high
> > performance database server (postgresql), how we can further tune
> > up the scalability and how thin the client can get.
> Later on you shall take a general swipe at non RDBMS and closed 
> systems as a marketing exercise while describing your strengths ;-) 
> "Katha uses a high performance RDBMS, which helps us scale whenever an 
> individual customer is ready, unlike other products in the market 
> which requires major reinvestment." 
Nice point JTD, thanks for contributing this marketing idea.
> > On the functional aspect, any good suggestion is wlecome.
> Pick one or two ERP systems. Make Katha a part of that.
> You will have a killer.
Yes, we are already looking at such a solution.  Let's find out which
erp talks xmlrpc.
> > Kartik and Siddhesh for example gave us very good ideas for
> > packaging and thanks to them, they are at least not letting that
> > discussion happen on this list (it is a focused discussion which
> > *has* to happen on the gnukhata mailing list).
> I am on that list ;-) and read all mails. 

Sorry for excluding your name.
I know you are a jolli good fellow and would not hang me for that :)

Happy hacking.

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