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Many grammatical and syntactic errors on the first page. suggested 

1. Introduction

"Project 065" is India's first project to write a wiki based, 
collaboratively written textbook for CBSE Class XI - subject code 
065. Subject Code 065 is called Informatics Practice.
2. Aim of Project

Following are the aims of the project.

    * Provide an excellent textbook to the student
    * To showcase that the Wiki based collaboratively process for such 
books is the best approach.
    * Producing a "CC-By-SA" or "CC-SA" (creative commons) license 
based book - Advantage of this type of work
          o Anybody can download, read, share, print and copy
          o Anybody can modify and upload correction in textbook
          o Any publisher can print the textbook without royalty, 
lowering the text book's cost. 

3. Who are involved in the Project

    * Volunteers and Organizations across India. See list_of_volunteer 

4. How to join
Step 1

    * Join Our mailing list, http://groups.google.com/group/cbse065 

Step 2

    * Checkout the stage of development. We have divided the whole in 
appx 50 modules. You can see list of modules and the percentage of 
work done. Choose any module and enhance it. The syllabus is 
available at syllabus 


    * All communication must be done via Mailing list but in case or 
urgency you can contact Narendra Sisodiya for help desk 
(narendrasisodiya @gmail.com) 

Why This Project is Very Important

    * Recently CBSE has changed its syllabus. Syllabus contains 
Java/MySQL. ( http://code.google.com/p/cbse-065/downloads/list ). 
Thus the students are getting their first exposure to the FLOSS 
environment in their syllabus and textbook. But textbooks are not 
ready. I fear that even if the textbook is published by some well 
known author (Ex Sunita Arora), it will be containing Windows based 
examples and development tools. For example those textbook won't 
provide examples of installation of FLOSS software on FLOSS platforms 
like MySQL on Ubuntu or Eclipse and Java on Debian. So it is The FOSS 
community of India's responsibility to addres these issues and give 
the best textbook to our young children.


BTW the CS syllabus of the Maharashtra SBSE is a real farce, with 
children learning how to type letters in MSword and enter stupid 
formula in Excel. The hardware sections are of such astounding 
stupidity, words completely escape me. The electronic sections are 
equally so. After all these years of churning out glorified clerks, 
they are all set to churn out even more such.


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