[ILUG-BOM] Wireless connection problem.

Rajen M. Parekh rajen.parekh at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 18:49:35 IST 2010


I am not able to establish wireless connection on my wireless router if 
I choose "Do not broadcast SSID" setting on the router. I am using 
Opensuse 11.2 (KDE 4.3.4). Everything works fine if I choose to 
broadcast SSID, but it doesn't connect if the SSID is not broadcasted. 
The connection is managed by "NetworkManager". (Just for information, on 
Windows, by modifying connection settings, one can connect with "Do not 
broadcast SSID" setting turned on.) On Opensuse+kde-4.3.4, there is no 
option available with the "KNetworkManager" which allows to make 
connection when SSID is not broadcasted.

I don't know if this is opensuse specific problem, as I haven't tried 
any other distro for this. From googling I could gather that there 
is/was such a problem with other Linux distros like Ubuntu too. On a 
positive note, in a tutorial for wireless connection on linux, there was 
even this option where one could establish a connection when SSID is not 
broadcasted. This tutorial was on Fedora. So I guess that this isn't a 
linux specific problem, but its probably distro specific. Or maybe it 
could be that I have missed something here. I wonder why I can't find 
this option with Opensuse 11.2 (KDE - 4.3.4). Have I to install any 
additional packages? If anybody has any experience in this regard, do 
let me know.


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