[ILUG-BOM] [SPAM] Re: Linux desktops for new users

Shamit Verma subs.linux.mum at vshamit.com
Wed Jul 28 07:56:41 IST 2010

> The whole point is that installations are done by experts and using is
> done by users. This rule applies to any OS. The normal windows user only
> uses the system, he does not install it. Installation is done by the
> 'computerwalla' who is supposed to be an expert.
In small companies there is no hope of getting a Linux admin, unless a
distro is "Shut and forget", things are not going to work. Things have to be
easy enough for computerwalla and there will be a new one every time.

I would advice :

   1. Ask him to buy all PCs with same configuration
   2. If you have some time, burn 2 - 3 distributions (Ubuntu,Suse etc)
   3. See which ones work out of box on these
   4. [IMP] see if the distro has proper drivers for printers.
   5. [Most IMP] See which ones have auto update working out of box
   6. Setup icons on desktop with clear labels (Like Office for Open
   Office,Word for Writer, Excel for calc, Internet Browser for mozilla)
   7. Teach computer vendor how to reimage systems when required

If auto update fails, users would keep running vulnerable versions of
Mozilla. This is the biggest threat. Issues like XSS are no longer dependent
on OS.


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