Rony gnulinuxist at gmail.com
Thu Jul 29 18:25:11 IST 2010

On Thursday 29 July 2010 12:19 AM, Piyush Ranjan wrote:
> Frankly this top posting bottom posting stupidity should be history. Use an
> email client which can fold the text of old emails/thread properly and it
> would stop matter-ing. For me with gmail bottom posting is pain! I would
> rather top post as it is faster. When you really need to reply to something
> post inline.
In the FOSS world stupidity is always history. Have a look at this link 
and observe how organised the posts and replies are.
On the Linux lists everywhere, the same practice is followed and that 
makes yours, mine and all our lives easier when we are stuck with some 
problem and require help on the net. The issue is not just top or bottom 
posting but interleaved posting where you trim your original text and 
reply below the relevant text. If your devices do not support proper 
formatting of messages then it is natural that such devices should be 
avoided for use on this list. If 2 or 3 wheelers are not allowed on the 
Expressway, can they force themselves on that road simply because their 
owners want to use them? Mobile devices are convenient but there are 
places where we avoid using them or even switch them off.

As a proper list etiquette...
Please trim your replies.
Post your replies below the relevant original text.
Do not re-use old messages to write new ones.



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