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Fri Jul 30 18:14:25 IST 2010


On 07/30/2010 05:47 PM, Shamit Verma wrote:
> Is there a technical reason for One Distro having better hardware
> compatibility than other? Given that most drivers are Open Source, should be
> easy to build drivers into distro if it is already available for Linux.

Yes, there is a technical reason. Some distros ship drivers which are not 
accepted upstream[1], while others don't. The ones who do will have varying 
levels of h/w support because eventually these drivers start breaking since 
nobody in upstream is looking at them and the maintainers cannot keep up with 
the pace of upstream changes to update their drivers. So, something that might 
have worked well in the 'horny horse' release of that distro fill start breaking 
by the time 'limp leopard' comes out.

Where as those that do work with upstream, do not have to worry, because more 
people contribute upstream fixes than to their distro.

- steve

[1] because, they ...
a. could contain binary blobs
b. are too unstable
c. are in very early stages of development
d. are provided by a vendor who does not push stuff upstream because they only 
release it for certain versions of the kernel
e. do not have an active maintainer
f. are maintained by developers who work for the distro vendor and who are too 
lazy to contribute back to upstream
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