[ILUG-BOM] India's $35 Tablet- The Everything Killer

Piyush Ranjan piyush.pr at gmail.com
Sat Jul 31 16:20:02 IST 2010

> Regarding design specs, there are innumerable open designs available,
> including hawkboard and beagle board. Designing the schematic is
> almost trivial. Desigining the layout is only a little more
> laborious. Fabricating a four layer PCB is not difficult either but
> is an economy problem for small volumes < 500. Also a 4 layer board
> would be relatively big. Inorder to make it compact, the pcb would
> have to be 6 layer probably with bilind/buried vias. This makes the
> pcb more expensive, ie volumes of < 1000 per lot will be expensive (i
> have been getting mails from chinses vendors for volumes as low as 10
> though). However no black art involved in any of the above, except
> the costs.
IIT Kanpur has facility to fabricate 8 layer PCB and I think I read
somewhere that the PCB for this was fabricated at IITK


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