[ILUG-BOM] [SPAM] Re: Linux desktops for new users

jtd jtd at mtnl.net.in
Sat Jul 31 19:03:43 IST 2010

On Saturday 31 July 2010 18:03:25 Shamit Verma wrote:
> > Regarding data policies (which wasn't my point), most users are
> > lazy (including me). But with linux you are not burdened due to
> > this. There are ample automated backup solutions, with the
> > simplest being a cron and cp.
> And how is that different from schtasks and copy? 

As a user you get that (and plenty more) at zero cost.
As a provider I get that (and plenty more) at zero cost. So I earn 
more after charging less.

> All modern OS 
> have adequate tools for off-site backups (E.g. Volume Shadow Copy +
> DFS). 

Volume Shadow Copy does a disk copy, which means it is susceptible to 
a FS change and only limited compatability exists between ntfs 
versions AND between os versions. Also incremental restore is 
available only in the high priced versions of the os. 
DFS too afaik is available only in the "enterprise" edition, which is 
an acronym for per cpu / per user loot.

> And with Cygwin, almost all GNU tools run on windows platform 
> as well.

An already overburdened OS now requires yet another layer of somebody 
else's stuff. Better option: chuck the crap and use GNU tools 

> I use Veritas Netbackup and most backup vendors have tools for
> Unix/Windows/Mac OSX.

How much does it cost?.


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