[ILUG-BOM] A suggestion

Rajagopal Swaminathan raju.rajsand at gmail.com
Mon Dec 27 20:21:33 IST 2010


On 12/27/10, Shuvam Misra <shuvam.misra at merceworld.com> wrote:
> Dear Raj,
> As always, very sensible points.
> Personally, I am not sure it'll work, because I feel that the customer
> has to have more than a minimum level of maturity to make use of such an
> offering, and IMHO the Indian IT services/solutions customer does not have
> that maturity, in most cases. He'll want a single umbrella organisation
> and a single contract. But I was just wondering -- what do you all think?

If fact that is exactly what I had in mind. Single logging. Single
contact. Work starts immediately after a token payment of say INR
200-500. Of course the amount is a fictitious amount and can be
crystallized after due diligence.

I have no doubt about the customer's maturity level. They are paying
some entity anyway without getting any kind of assurance.

I was also thinking what it would take the various FLOSS centres / IT
Labs / IT departments / IT Support groups in various companies to
subscribe to become one of the service hubs for a beginning.

Of course not to mention quarterly seminars for relating the war
stories (and the eating thereafter)

Not to mention the eternal requirement of students wanting projects
will be automatically met.

Now the issue is about legalities. What if the idea catches up in the
west which will necessitate compliance of various financial and legal

What should be the form of such umbrella organization?



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