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On Thu, Dec 30, 2010 at 12:32 PM, Kenneth Gonsalves
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> On Wed, 2010-12-29 at 22:33 +0530, Narendra Sisodiya wrote:
> > Free Software aka Freedom Software or Example software licensed under
> > GPLv3
> > or similar license never stop you to sell a software. For example If
> > you
> > purchase a custom GPLv3 software from me, I will charge you heavily.
> remind me never to purchase from you ;-) Jokes aside, what you are
> trying to say is this: I write software for someone who pays me for it.
> Although I write it, since the developement is paid for by my client, he
> has the copyright over it. He can decide to release it under any
> license, or to keep it proprietary. I do not have any rights over the
> software. This is one way to make money (that is how I make a living -
> although I do not charge Narendra)
It means, you are not getting money from selling FOSS. You are getting money
from selling your software to some customer who completely own your
software. I too do sometimes but what is the difference between a developer
sitting in a proprietary firm who produce non-free software and you.
Both are getting paid for writing code which other own. In your case, the
customer, in other case, the company.

> The second scenario is that I write the software on my own time. I own
> the copyright. I can sell it to the client for a fee. But here is the
> catch: If I have licensed it under the GPL, the moment I sell it to the
> client, I have distributed it - and hence am obliged to give a copy of
> the source code to anyone who asks. So only the client pays for it, the
> rest of the world gets it free. This is impossible - the client will
> demand his money back - why should he pay while his competitors are all
> getting it free? - this business model will not work.
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