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Hello there,

I am Shree Kant, building www.iddhis.com We are a young startup, launched 10
days back.Check out, if you haven't. Right now, we are looking for an
student intern, who can make a dent in universe. Iddhis is a new kind of
social phehnomenon, where we are trying to make personal things personal
again. If you spend 20 of 24 hours over internet, have very good online
presence, good following, good karma, in short if you live virtually, we
want you. Please reply with your twitter/facebook/reddit/hn/digg/irc/google
nick name.

We would be paying 8k per month along with lots of other things. Minimum
time should be 2 months. You must be working from anywhere atleast 4 hours a
day/night equivalent of work.

Apply to go [at] iddhis.com with 'intern application' as subject. Please
tell this to your friends too or pass this to someone who you think would be
a nice fit.

Little more detail here

Shree Kant Bohra

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