[ILUG-BOM] gnome clock at top right corner

Pratik Anand pratik.preet at gmail.com
Mon Jan 31 00:55:31 IST 2011

I work with  on Ubuntu 10.04 with Gnome as Desktop Environment. I have all
the toolbars on autohide mode as it gives me full space on the screen to
This change , though, is more comfortable for me but is also causing some
inconvenience. I often lose track of time spent.
So, I want a way by which I could keep a widget or app like thing at top
right corner of my screen (taking minimum space,hence time in DIGITAL
format), which can show time.
if I can integrate a digital clock on righmost side of the  active window.

Any idea on  how this can be achieved?
I am looking for simple linux hacks or some config changes to do so.
Otherwise will have to do so in java , Qt etc.

Please pour in your ideas...

Pratik Anand
B.Tech - CSE (3rd year)


Twitter: twitter.com/pratikone

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