[ILUG-BOM] WindowXp PHP MySQL Connectivity Problem

Kenneth Gonsalves lawgon at thenilgiris.com
Wed Feb 2 17:25:40 IST 2011

On Thu, 2011-01-20 at 00:44 +0530, pankaj at glug4muz.org wrote:
> On one of my Windows XP system I am unable to connect to mysql from
> php
> script. I am able to login to mysql server from the command line as
> well
> as mysql console provided by WAMP 2.0 but from php script
> mysql_connect()
> function is always failing. I have tested WAMP 2.0 and three versions
> of
> EasyPHP but in each case I am facing the same problem. Even phpMyAdmin
> is
> not being starting on this system. I have also followed the steps
> mentioned on the page
> http://forge.mysql.com/wiki/Error2003-CantConnectToMySQLServer but of
> no
> use. Can any one give me clue for reason behind this type of problem? 

doubtful. but I can give you the solution: upgrade to linux
Coimbatore LUG rox

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