[ILUG-BOM] Photoshop Replacement required.

Kamal kmlistx at eficacy.com
Sat Feb 5 19:51:54 IST 2011

On Friday 04 February 2011 10:30 PM, Nagarjuna G wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 4, 2011 at 9:06 PM, Shamit Verma<subs.linux.mum at vshamit.com>  wrote:
>> On Fri, Feb 4, 2011 at 7:43 PM, Kshitij M Kotak
>> <kshitij_kotak at hotmail.com>wrote:
>>> A start-up in E-commerce, subsidiary of a 100-crore group is looking for
>>> Web-site designers and Graphic Designers on Open-Source alternative.
>>> Can my friends here guide me on what is a good alternative
> I second GIMP.  Also consider inkscape.  Recent browsers support SVG,
> inkscape creates fantastic graphics for the web.  btw, it is also good
> for designing user interfaces as a specification.

I vote for Inkscape <http://inkscape.org <http://inkscape.org/>> and 
GIMP <http://www.gimp.org <http://www.gimp.org/>> combo too. Inkscape 
offers a great workflow and crisp vector graphics for interface design.
GIMP is a great image editing and manipulation tool.
And ImageMagick <http://www.imagemagick.org/script/index.php> for batch 
editing and quickly optimizing or converting images to different formats 
using a rich suite of command line tools.
This combination has worked really great for my web designing needs.

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> GN


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