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Thu Apr 14 23:23:31 IST 2011

Hi ,

It just occurred to me that I am silent member of this group since  
years .Years back I was just a small guy running a business in India .  
Now that life has changed a lot .I thought I will revisit you guys and  
see what I can be of use to others here .

I have a Chinese and a Hong kong company. We are based in Shenzhen (  
the nerve center of electronics manufacturing ), China .

The interesting part is we are an unique Chinese company( with Indian  
origins) which has license to import export from China and also we  
have local software consultancy and solutions providing license for  
Doing business in China.

China is the hot bed for consumer electronics. I am sure lot of my  
Indian brothers are now working on ARM technologies and various  
interesting projects in embedded technology and I am sure things are a  
lot harder in India because the hardware is not so freely available .  
In contrast in China all components and hardware required can be  
sourced very fast .

So I would like to supply any hardware you may require even in small  
numbers .Since we have regular shipments to India for our existing  
business we can deliver the goods in Mumbai for you too .

If there are people who are interested in developing China market for  
any of their products they may write to me also .

Also if any of you guys want to come to Shenzhen,China and explore the  
mind blowing massive markets here feel free to ask for help .

Please email me on mail at nikhilbhaskaran.com or laptopsmumbai at gmail.com

I dont check the lug emails so much

Take care all

Nikhil Bhaskaran

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