[ILUG-BOM] GNU/Linux Distribution Suggestion

jtd jtd at mtnl.net.in
Fri Apr 29 10:06:46 IST 2011

On Saturday 23 April 2011 09:00:54 pankaj at glug4muz.org wrote:

> Hi all,
> Please suggest me a GNU/Linux distribution with following features:
> 1. After installing it with CD/DVD, most of packages available for
> it can be installed from same or another CD/DVD. High speed
> Internet connection should not be required for installing default
> packages available for it.

All Linux distros have both DVD versions and online repos. Debian has 
5 dvds wiyh everything on them. Nonetheless, you will require 
netaccess for updates.

> 2. It should not be much resource consuming. Should work on an old
> system such as P-IV with low amount of RAM such as 512MB.

ALL distros will work with that amount of Ram

> 3. Latest version of LAMP related packages should be available on
> it.

Debian, Fedora.

> 4. It should support Tata Indicom Photon Plus connection.

> 5. Codes of common audio and video format should be available on it
> by default.

Debian, Fedora,

> 6. Upgradation process of it should be easy with the CD/DVD of
> current version.

Contradiction. How can you upgrade stuff not present on the DVD


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