[ILUG-BOM] Re-Introduction to DebBundle project

Narendra Sisodiya narendra at narendrasisodiya.com
Fri May 6 08:00:39 IST 2011

If you have Ubuntu 11.04 64 bit and do not have vlc on it. then you can
download this 24MB package -

and just give a one click, it will it install vlc on your system

So, how I have done it, Here it the full story..

Problem - How to install Software package on a Linux System when it do not
have Internet ?

I know there are multiple solution to this problem.. Here I am giving one
very solution which looks perfect to solve the problem

you can down the script from http://code.google.com/p/debbundle/
What this little script will do..
For example, your system do not have vlc , then you can go to other system
which has Internet and then run the script .
Script will produce VLC.i386.OneClickInstall ,

You can can carry this file to anywhere and then install it by just clicking
it. Let me repeat, Just by clicking it, neither you terminal , nor you need
any extra software to install it.
So enjoy it and give me feedback. ( narendra  AT narendrasisodiya DOT com )

read more at -

Script will only download the files which are needed on a given system. But
the OneClickInstall Bundles will created on a centralized manner on a
freshly installed Ubuntu/Debian.

What I am exactly doing ? I am basically reproducing the beauty of  "D:
Drive" which almost every windows user has. For example when I was in BTech,
I never used Internet but Still I did many installation
and re-installation of Windows where everytime I use to go to D:\Software
folder to make few clicks to install all other software. {I was not aware of
GNU/Linux at my BTech. please excuse me}

There are still many many user exist who do not have Internet and this
solution will help them a lot.

Also, My intention is to create a 3GB bundle from this script which will
cover almost every daam COMMOM software for normal user.

I hope you got my intension behind this.

Last year , I did the same, instead of creating this 3GB oneclickbundle, I
create "iso" with lots of customizations. Its called SchoolOS. those who
used it, just loved it. But unfortunate people took it as different OS and
hesitated to installed SchoolOS.
There is no momentum in SchoolOS project from last 4 months.

I hope, people will love this solution. I am trying to solve all common
problem which normal user face. For example, In SchoolOS , I compiled list
of command-line operations which normal user do, and then I created nautilus
script to do same thing from GUI..

Well this solution is not for user who can run command line "apt-get install
...", its for them who want to  install it using just ONE CLICK.

There will not be any dependency problem
WHY - ?
   because I am creating these bundles on freshly installed system. I am no
going to Install anything on this system. So I am minimum number of packages
on my system which you will be having.

Let me repeat again.

Step 1) Install Ubuntu
Step 2)  Click on this 3GB bundle and this will install almost all software
which you ( office guy,  programmer, engineer, students) need. I might
create smaller package something like 600MB and so too.

Checkout the LOG for VLC - http://gist.github.com/958318
Someone with higher bandwidth can also use it. Nothing wrong it 2 step
process. you will eventually create some software bundle which might be
useful to you in future  or different machine..

For a sample, Try installing one click installation of VLC -
│    Narendra Sisodiya
│    http://narendrasisodiya.com

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