[ILUG-BOM] Why are We Cross-posting ??

Swapnil Bhartiya swapnil.bhartiya at gmail.com
Wed May 18 19:26:08 IST 2011

> Just a suggestion : Re-read my email...
I think only those may get cross posted emails who are members of more 
than one list. Now, why would one want to be member of more than one 
list? For the same reason one would want to post on more than one list. 
If there is something not specific to one region -- like national level 
why should other lists be deprived of it? If India goes for FOSS policy, 
where would one post it? iLUGD, Mumbia, Pune, Chennai? Or may to to as 
many as possible to keep everyone informed.

So, I guess cross-posting is OK.


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