[ILUG-BOM] Tata Photon+ Data Card EC156

Rony gnulinuxist at gmail.com
Sun Jun 19 23:23:28 IST 2011

Hi Kushal,

What method do you use to create the connection for your usb modem?

The general method for Tata Photon + is to first plug in the device and
wait till its "CD" icon comes up. Unmount the "CD" from your desktop
itself and wait for about half a minute. Then right click on the network
icon on the top bar of your desktop and amongst the various lines there
will be one line that says "Create a mobile broadband connection".
Follow that option and create your connection with the appropriate
settings. Then again right click on the network icon. This time since
there exists a connection you made, you will not get the earlier
"Create....." option. Now simply select "Edit Connections" and in the
mobile broadband section and check that the user name and password match
your service provider's requirements. For CDMA (Tata Photon or Reliance
Netconnect) your dialling number should be #777. For Tata the username
and password is 'internet' for both. For Reliance it is 'device mobile
number' for both. Now simply left click on the network icon and among
the various connections, select the one you made for Tata and it should
get you on-line.


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