[ILUG-BOM] Fail-Over & Load-balancing

Siji Sunny sijisunny at gmail.com
Fri Oct 24 15:16:42 IST 2014

Hello All,

We are trying to identify the right approach to do Fail-Over and Load
Balancing in Linux server (Centos7), which contains Mariadb(mysql) and
web-server (nginx) with some services such as Video On Demand, Games, etc.
(streaming through Intranet, not Internet)

Please guide, to select the right technology/solution (Ofcource OpenSource)
to do so. Its seems complicated for me because of the dynamic data (eg: If
a user watching video and fail over happens, he should get seamless
streaming without interruption).

I have considered HA-Cluster (Heartbeat) for Failover and HA-Proxy for load
balancing, but still not sure, how to handle dynamic data fail over.

Siji Sunny

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