[ILUG-BOM] what does ilug-bom stand for?

Prakash Shetty prithvis at gmail.com
Thu Oct 15 15:23:29 IST 2015

Hi Mayuresh,

Still remember the good old days with Nagarjuna, Sagar, Philip, Trevor etc

Can we all meetup and relive it again ?

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best regards,
Prakash N. Shetty
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On 15 October 2015 at 15:12, Mayuresh Kathe <mayuresh at kathe.in> wrote:

> hello,
> me being one of the founding members of the ilug-bom group find it
> difficult to imagine that there needs to be a separate group to manage
> meetups for gnu/linux activities.
> we started ilug-bom under the able leadership of dr. nagarjuna with the
> explicit goal of unifying all efforts conducted towards discussion and
> advocacy of gnu/linux in and around mumbai.
> i believe we as a group have been in existence since 1997~98 and have
> had a great term in the earlier years, just can't understand why it has
> slacked off big time now.
> is it because of an over abundance of material available via a simple
> google search? or is it because someone did something terribly wrong
> along the way that youngsters found it necessary to diverge and form
> newer, independent groups?
> personally, i have been away for a really long time due to health
> issues, and then, when i did return around 1.5~2 years back, everything
> seemed so weird and desolate that i could not figure out the reasons.
> hope we all can regroup and move forward as a single unit and clear goal
> of doing what we are going to do here-on.
> perhaps, as dinesh shah had once mentioned, we lack a formal vision and
> mission statement for our existance.
> looking forward to more activity in a focused manner.
> best regards,
> ~mayuresh
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