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Example of Kerala is noteworthy as it does not depend on outsourcing IT but
in fact immerses IT in all subjects and has it enabled  exams for those
subjects too.
To foster the content development. The subject domain teachers are experts
in use of IT in their subjects.

May be a review and improvements of content is called for. But all the same
it is a great leap forward.

I quote

"IT at School Project has successfully rolled out several programmes which
included the development of its own Operating System - IT at School GNU/Linux-
which is now being used in all the schools in the state. Apart from this,
several educational softwares like Dr. Geo, Rasmol, K-Tech lab, Geogebra,
Chemtool, Kalcium etc are being extensively customised by the Project in
developing teacher friendly applications for facilitating complete ICT
enabled education in the state.  The Project has also prepared interactive
multimedia CDs, Handbooks & Training modules for ICT, as well as Text books
for IT in standard 8, 9 and 10. Every content developed by the Project is
strictly as per the new curriculum approach based on the National
Curriculum Framework 2005. The Project has also associated with Intel Skool
for collaborative content development programmes http://kerala.skoool.in .
The Project has also developed contents for Upper Primary classes – for 5-7
classes and the same has been given to all schools. To add with this, the
Project had developed E-Text books for Std 8 to 10.

The ICT enabling process which was piloted in the state two years back has
become a success; with this year’s 8th Standard IT text book being entirely
based on ICT enabled education, with inputs from all subjects. An unique
8GB Resource DVD for teachers was also developed by IT at School Project,
which included the latest edition of Edusoft, 50 selected articles from
Malayalam Wiki, Malayalam Computing tools, IT at School Linux 3.2 Operating
system, New Edition of Ubuntu OS, ICT Training module, Educational contents
on Biology & Maths  and PDF versions of Textbooks and Handbooks. The ICT
training by making use of the Resource DVD is been imparted to over 60,000
teachers in the state. The Project also introduced a customized version of
WIKI, namely www.schoolwiki.in which provides a comprehensive knowledge
database of all schools in the state. The aim of SchoolWiki is to bring out
collaborative data building and to generate more interest among students to
learn Malayalam and to generate more contents in various subjects.
Schoolwiki also features an ICT Learning Corner, which would include the
various contents prepared by schools for all subjects in ICT enabled
education. The various contents are packed in DVD and CD ROMs which are
supplied free of cost to the schools with the idea of free distribution
among the learning and teaching community. This process eventually resulted
in the Free Digital Library at Schools wherein the contents included the
subjectwise contents, contents which are telecasted through ViCTERS
channel, exam oriented programmes etc. With all schools provided with
Broadband connectivity, most of these contents were also made available
Some of the highlights of content development process initiated by the
Project are as follows

•    Development of examination software for conduct of IT practical
examination for more than 15 lakh students, first ever vast deployment of
computer and resourceful manpower for conduct of an examination entirely in
free software platform.

•    Development of numerous educational software in association with CDAC,
CDIT etc.

•    Development of educational content for ViCTERS (Virtual classroom
technology on EDUSAT for rural schools) channel through EDUSAT network.

•    Roll out of own operating system- IT at School GNU/Linux Ubuntu

•    Localized content development through distribution of Handycam to
schools and training to teachers and students

•    Development of e-text books and Content CDs for IT enabled education.

•    ICT enabled content generation process is being undertaken jointly by
the teaching and learning community.

•    SchoolWiki ( www.schoolwiki.in) launched by IT at School Project is
becoming a revelation of sorts in collaborative content development

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> >> Also thinking of Change.org for getting a few more signatures
> collectively.
> >
> > Please do this.
> >
> > IMO this will be more effective than asking people to write individual
> emails.
> >
> > Change.org has developed into a recognized platform for citizen
> > voicing their opinion/concerns.
> >
> > Please cite specific initiatives by the Govt. of Kerala in the K-12
> > domain to help the appeal further.
> +1 I think we can use JT Dsouza's mail as a template for the petition.
> Milind it will be great if you do the honours. We will all post this on
> social media.
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