[ILUG-BOM] Linux kernel -- Silver Jubilee

Rushabh Mehta rmehta at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 12:02:57 IST 2016

> Today, it is everywhere, from the smallest device to the biggest
> mainframe and beyond the boundaries of our planet.
> Linus Torvalds and *all* the contributors to Linux - what a legacy you
> have created and what a wonderful gift you have given to human kind!

I agree. Linus' biggest contribution in my view is that he took Open Source to the mainstream, otherwise it would have just remained in academia.

By being pragmatic and agreeing to co-opt with the commercial concerns (rather than view them as the "other") and he himself being idealist really pushed the revolution. 

Shows that you can be an idealist and a realist at the same time.

"Free Software" and "Open Source" can co-exist. Some of us are lucky to be living off grants, but that does not mean we look down on people who need to earn their living.

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