[ILUG-BOM] and now debian does me in ...

Mayuresh Kathe mayuresh at kathe.in
Tue Aug 30 17:48:06 IST 2016

hi, i had been working with the high resolution of the console as
delivered with ubuntu server distribution, hated it, but had to make do
since i couldn't find material which could show me a way to switch off
the 'vga' mode.

last night, i migrated away from ubuntu, it's too big for my tastes.
on debian jessie, and this too has that same high resolution console.

i have tinkered around with the console-setup and grub files which only
afforded me a regular console on grub, but after grub transfers command
to the operating system, i am still stuck with a high resolution

is there any solution for this problem?

and ah, yes, i still work at the console, no x11 for me.



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