[ILUG-BOM] PIL for Open Source in Education - Update

GN nagarjun at gnowledge.org
Sun Jan 15 20:48:04 IST 2017

On Sunday 15 January 2017 12:49 PM, Milind Oka wrote:
> Hi,
> In last month's proceedings, Hon High Court passed an important order 
> to make appropriate changes in
> School/College curriculum for academic year 2017-18 ( in view of 
> Notification dated 17 June 2014 which advises
>  states to adopt open source on priority)
> Government has formed an experts committee for this implementation. 
> The report is expected
> before 8 March 17. So next date is kept on 31 March 2017.
> Another good news is that Prof Kannan of 'Spoken Tutorials' seems to 
> be one of the members in the committee. Prof Kannan,
>  being a strong supporter of open source, has been putting great 
> efforts to promote open source. He himself says that obsolete
> curriculum is the biggest problem in ICT education. Also he has signed 
> our on line petition for Mandating Open Source. His work
> will be meaningful if open source is effectively implemented through 
> curriculum.
> Now we can definitely expect a report from the committee suggesting 
> mandatory adoption of Open Source in Education in
> strong and clear words. Best wishes to Prof Kannan and his team.
> Earlier,  Mr Krishnakant Mane and DFF filed a similar PIL in order to 
> have a greater impact of the original petition. The two petitions will
> now be joined (Probably on 31 March). Original petition is 
> representing students and teachers while Krishnakant is representing 
> Visually
> impaired students and students in rural areas in particular. Lots of 
> thanks to Krishnakant.
> Hon High Court Order on 8 Dec : http://docdro.id/pM73elw
> MHRD Notification which High Court Order refers : 
> http://docdro.id/aPc7MSF
> -- Regards
> Milind
Very happy to hear these updates.  Good work.

Usually, whenever we voice we do get good judgments and new committees 
will be made.  This is one of the ways in which the Govt keeps us less 
reactive. We think our voices are heard.   The gulf between policies, 
supreme court judgments is so deep and wide, the existing practices will 

Therefore it is important for few of us to continue to create well 
designed good quality interventions that can support this transition.


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