Milind Oka oak445 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 18:48:00 IST 2017

Hi Ashish,

Welcome to this group. I am also new to Linux and to this group and I 
too had difficulty in finding this group.
People here are kind and helpful. You will enjoy being here.

It is a good idea to meet periodically in order to share our knowledge 
and views. Many of us have different ideas, views regarding the prime 
objective of this group. But everything can't be put in message threads.

So at least informal meetups should be arranged. Later on they may lead 
to official group meetings in case there is good response.

An educational institute is one of the best places to meet. In view of 
letter from HRD Ministry through IIT-B to colleges, offering help to 
migrate to Linux, such meetings are not only logical but imperative for 
open source movement. (see http://docdro.id/KcBmiZS).

Myself and Pralhad (also a member of this group) would like to arrange 
such an informal meet.

Location :
SIWS College, Wadala
Near ICT, VJTI, Khalsa College

All are welcome.
Please drop a mail to me with your cell no.  We will chalk out a plan 

Thanks and regards.


On Tuesday 07 February 2017 02:41 PM, ashish kakar wrote:
> Hi guys,
> My name is Ashish Kakar. I'm from Mumbai. I just joined this mailing group. I had tried searching for a Linux User Group in Mumbai earlier but without much success. Today I got some free time at work so I decided to try again et voila! I have been using Linux for a couple of years now (5-6) but I cant say I'm an expert yet. I have tried Mandriva, Ubuntu, Slax (briefly), Fedora, CentOS in that order and currently I don't have any OS (not even Windows) on my laptop. I'm curious about a few distros like Gentoo and Arch. Anyways, do we have any meetups? I would love to be there.
> Ashish

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