[ILUG-BOM] Mumbai Hackathon and Monthly Meetings

Milind Oka oak445 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 27 18:43:13 IST 2017

Hi all,

We four of us from mailing list visited DBIT. The hackathon was awesome !
50+ teams gave presentations (three times the last year number !). 
Majority of the Open source projects were Android and web based.
Hackathon and other such events can play a significant role in promoting 
open source but we need to be in touch with the participants.
So we must try to bring students to this mailing list.
I know there are many members here who can guide them properly.
Rushabh introduced a few of his team members, Neil, Nabin and others.
We had some discussion about the venue of our meetings with DBIT. We 
found DBIT faculty really enthusiastic.

A good news is that we have got permission from the head of the 
institution to conduct our monthly meetings.
It seems that the institute is determined to promote open source.
Tayyab sir and few other Profs of DBIT will soon join (or might have 
already joined) the mailing list.
We talked to few students who instantly agreed to join the list. As 
pointed out by a few members the list is not known to many students and
open source lovers. Through monthly meetings and other events like 
hackathon we should try to get more members here.

Hackathon is indeed a great initiative Frappe ( https://frappe.io/about 
<https://frappe.io/about> ). Thanks to Rushabh.
Rushabh, will you please upload a few snaps of the hackathon ?

I think Joe can finalize the first meeting schedule and announce here 
around 2/3 April.
Rajeev R K  (on Regex) and Joe are the speakers.

Also additional one hour may be kept for suggestions and discussion 
about future plans/meetings.


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