[ILUG-BOM] Firefox getting old?

Rushit Rakhasiya rushit.rakhasiya2010 at gmail.com
Thu May 4 20:33:21 IST 2017


We can argue or debate for months over it being old or outdated, but neither of those are actually true. We need to understand a simple fact that when we say “old” or “outdated” these days, its actually too early to claim that. The actual word that you should use is “ostracised” from the consumers.

Please, let me elaborate my point here.

Firefox is great browser that is used by many of “developers” because we understand the mechanics of the system inside that software. Plus, we all admire that fact thats its an important part of the open source community. But, a large number of user/consumers do not want a browser thats great. The follow that paradigm of popularity where Chrome stands on top.

Lets say that browsers are cars. So people might know that HONDA is way better of a car than MARUTI, but service centres and after buy experience and popularity is way better for the MARUTI so people prefer MARUTI. Now, since people are using so many MARUTI cars there fore the accessories and spare parts for MARUTI are way more.

Similarly, Chrome has become popular among customers, therefore, web developers ignore the other browser specifications in order to capture MAXIMUM market (not complete market).

Just tried to explain the way I understand it.

Thank you
-Rushit Rakhasiya

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