[ILUG-BOM] Website for ILUG-BOM

Raghavendra Kamath raghavendr.raghu at gmail.com
Sun May 14 10:29:38 IST 2017

Hi everybody,

Now that we are having the meetings on every second Saturday.
I think we should have a central place to post updates, announcements pictures recorded sessions etc for archiving purpose and also for convenience of others in the group.

Do we have a website? I searched but I couldn't find it. I think we have the domain http://ilug-bom.org.in/ which has a note pointing to the mailing list.

What do you guys think about creating a website?
It can be static, generated via Jekyll or pelican.

Rushabh had an idea of hosting from GitHub pages, I think it is good idea if hosting space is a problem.

In my opinion having a website will surely help newcomers, to know what kind activities happen in the group, before they subscribe to the mailing list.
I also noticed that there is a twitter handle - @ilugbom, although it seems dormant now.
Do we know who has the access to this account? It will be nice if we can tweet the recent happenings in the group such as the PIL by Mr. Milind

What do you guys think?

Raghavendra Kamath

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