[ILUG-BOM] Writeup on Meetup on 13th May

Raghavendra Kamath raghavendr.raghu at gmail.com
Sun May 14 23:38:15 IST 2017

Hi Rushabh

On 2017 May 14 22:13:59, Rushabh Mehta wrote:
> Hello all,
> Wrote a post on open source that also covers our meeting on 13th May. It is
> a summary of two discussions I had regarding open source last week.
> https://medium.com/@rushabh_mehta/thoughts-on-open-source-communities-eed6fda314ae

Thank you for sharing your observation.
The krita projects really needs both more developers and also more funding to keep getting better.

I would like to point out that Krita also has dozens of volunteers, so it should be noted that it is a community effort, 
so the bugs are fixed by community :), so the number of bugs fixed is not strictly only between the two developers.
Without undermining efforts by two of them, it should be noted that volunteers also help them in fixing bugs and improving krita.
And the number of bugs varies sometimes it may be only 5 sometimes it may be 200 etc. So we really can't count it :) 

Just wanted to clear these things.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, the analysis is correct.
I wish there was a middle path between the two models, wherein passion and money was equally abundant in OSS development.


P.S. Pardon me for shamelessly plugging this here,
but if anybody is interested in donating money to Krita they can checkout this page -> https://krita.org/en/support-us/donations/

Raghavendra Kamath

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