[ILUG-BOM] Website for ILUG-BOM

Anurag gnurag at gmail.com
Tue May 16 16:05:48 IST 2017

On Mon, May 15, 2017 at 5:38 PM, Rahul Upakare <rahulu at gmail.com> wrote:

> I think it is a control vs. simplicity paradox. If we want a user interface
> which anybody knows how to use, it has to be simple like wiki. Anyone can
> contribute/update/edit/produce/maintain the content. There is no need for
> a
> separate maintainer for content.
> On the other hand, the github pages approach is not for everyone. It may be
> simple for sophisticated/power users, but definitely not straight forward
> for everyone. IMHO, sending, approving, and merging PR requests is to much
> to ask for if change is very small (like, sentence/spelling correction or
> small additions).
> In short, if priority is to have few people control/approve the website
> content, then github pages is no doubt a good option, but if we want
> everyone/anyone to contribute, would suggest to go for some simpler
> options.

That was not my intention. Sorry if it came across as that.

What I was alluding to was that maintaining a dynamic site is
time-consuming. In case of a wiki, applying security updates and moderating
the wiki for spam is a time sink. I say this because we did have a
MediaWiki install at one point, with a steady inflow of spam.

OTOH, maintaining a static website via GitHub is much easier than what you
suggest. For a project member, it takes just 2 clicks to edit a file and
commit, right from the browser, without leaving github.com.


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