[ILUG-BOM] Milestone:- Linux Migration at St. Mary’s School

Rajeev R. K. rajeevrk at gmail.com
Tue May 30 19:14:46 IST 2017

On 30-May-2017 2:20 PM, "Raghavendra Kamath" <raghavendr.raghu at gmail.com>


On 2017 May 30 13:59:14, Joe Steeve wrote:
> Ubuntu 16.04 ships with Unity. Canonical is abandoning unity in favour
> of GNOME. In the next LTS, Ubuntu will ship with vanilla GNOME. I
> strongly suggest that we dont put users through this shock. Lets
> introduce them to vanilla GNOME from the start.

I agree, you might also want to consider K.D.E plasma as it is close to
windows paradigm, will make the transition easy.
But this is just my opinion.

The windows paradigm is anyways in plus at the moment, and has been ever
since win8 and it's metro ui. So targeting it is anyways no longer useful.
Plus, with the majority of systems defaulting to gnome, a distros like
fedora that provides one of the cleanest gnome 3 desktops is ideal here.
And it plays well with a centos server, providing long term stability and a
rock solid platform for network infrastructure services.

> I would also suggest that we consider Debian. Debian is far more mature
> and stable.

I agree with this too, I had only one concern though, we need to check if
the newer machines are supported in Debian Stretch (or jessy?)
In the last meeting, I noticed that Principal Jude's new machine had
skylake processor and linux mint 17.3 was installed on it. Mint 17.3 being
based upon Ubuntu LTS 14.04(which is from 2014) it lacks skylake support
(As far as I know)
So his audio was not working, We need to check if 'stretch' has a
considerable newer kernel with support for recent hardware that the school
is procuring.

Another place where fedora scores. It closely tracks the current kernel
releases, meaning it has the most complete hardware driver support,
especially in categories like wifi, GPU (GPL) and motherboard integrated

Also I feel 2 gb ram mentioned in earlier email is a bit on the lower end.

Please do keep in mind that anything we suggest will be perceived as linux
experience, and if anything doesn't work or becomes a hassle for them, it
will be a bad case for linux from their point of view.
As they say first impression always matters, So please suggest
specifications carefully.

Which is why we are coordinating a test installer image to deploy at the
school to see it's performance...

R. K. Rajeev

Thank you

Raghavendra Kamath

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