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Excellent work.

On Thu, Jun 1, 2017 at 11:20 PM, Milind Oka <oak445 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all Members,
> Here is a small update of St Mary Linux Migration.
> Today we reached exactly at 1 o clock to the St Mary school. Purpose of
> our visit was to have trial installation and testing for Saturday's
> Migration.
> Father Jude was talking to a group of parents near the gate. He welcomed
> all of us and instructed the non teaching staff to open the labs.. Also he
> gave us his laptop for Linux installation.
> We have decided to install Fedora-25 build, customized by our member
> Rajeev specially for Schools. Thanks to him for such a wonderful job done
> in a small amount of time.
> Rajieev's live image booted successfully but the installer had a
> permission issue and was not starting. Then we tried Ubuntu 16.04.2 and
> Fedora 25 plain image. Both got installed successfully on the lab machines.
> After that we got Rajeev's on-call support and we were able to diagnose
> and install the same on Fr Jude's laptop.
> Finally every thing is working and the laptop is ready.
> This means that Rajeev's image can now be used for Saturday's installation.
> Observations :
> 1. Fedora's partitioning tools in the default installer was confusing for
> us. As a workaround we used gparted.manually partitioned the disk.
> 2. There seems to be an error Notification about boot image crash but the
> system is working correctly.
> 3. We saw few errors during shutdown.
> Few suggestions :
> 1. Put Gparted in live image..
> 3. Put gnome tweak tool.
> 2. Request to add some extensions by default namely top icons, dash to doc
> application menu.
> 3. Put some educational games.
> Today we had a special guest - Latif.
> Latif is from Osmanabad. He is well acquainted with Linux. He teaches
> Edu-BOSS in School. He is about to start this mission in nearby schools. We
> all will support him. All best wishes to him.
> Mostly Raghu and Tayyab performed all experiments, helped by Benoy. Benoy
> was busy but still managed to find some time and came for support.
> Latif and me were only testing different packages such as gimp, libre
> office etc. On Saturday we also can take part in installation, since 30
> machines are to be switched to Linux (Fedora).
> To help us, Principal Fr Jude's Fernandes had called a Lab maintenance
> person Mr Dilip. Dilip curiously watched the installations and is ready to
> learn the skill in future.
> So let us tighten our belts for Saturday Installation Festival. This is
> really a proud moment for all of us here in GNU/Linux Users Group, Mumbai.
> Please do join us on Saturday at about 1:30 pm. We can complete all
> installations upto 4:30 - 5:00 pm
> All are welcome.
> http://www.mediafire.com/view/8o5mg00ac12nrys/SM01
> http://www.mediafire.com/view/snk6dnjo5p7u2j9/SM02
> http://www.mediafire.com/view/err4o1sp1sc6e0f/SM03
> Thanks and Regards
> Milind
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